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The selected images in this archive section cover a number of years and areas of focus.

Work has largely been photographed on film and scanned into a digital format so legibility varies. 


STILL LIFE - selected works

Nicole's still life work has a consistent focus on realism in the depictions of every-day objects which is achieved through careful study and a considered application of media. Earlier subject matter covers traditional sources of inspiration and objects found on travels overseas. Later works are concerned with surface quality such as reflections on metallic, man-made objects and texture on natural materials. Compositions are presented as un-cluttered mise-en-scene constructions that allow the viewer to focus on the objects.

Candle Lane.jpg

INTERIORS - selected works

Nicole's interior studies began soon after her graduation form DJCAD. These works primarily focused on the closies (stairwells) that  can be found in many of Dundee's tenement blocks. This work reflects an interest in the notion of an implied human presence in these liminal spaces. The play of light against the painted walls adds a beauty and draws you in to what is an often overlooked, mundane communal space. 

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